• Ellemes provide bespoke training solutions using the latest digital media.

  • Helping you make the switch from classroom to digital training

  • With interactive, tailor-made
    e-Learning courses for your LMS

  • Allowing you to offer training anytime, anywhere for everyone.

  • We provide bespoke and engaging video based training solutions.

  • Giving you standardised and approved training every time it's delivered.

  • We offer expert advice on selecting, acquiring and setting up your LMS.

  • So you can track training completion, store training records and award training certificates.

  • Take control of your organisation's training -
    go digital.

At Ellemes, we believe that training and development are vital to the continued success of an organisation. We also believe that the management and delivery of knowledge, skills and competencies should seamlessly integrate with an organisation's business activities. You already use the latest digital technologies to reach your customers. We can help you to use them to reach your staff, with training that enhances learning and is easy to manage.


An organisation's success rests on the knowledge, skills and competencies of its staff. And because your people and their training needs are as unique as your business, we believe that your training programme should not be developed on the basis of a one-size-fits-all philosophy. That's why all of our digital training solutions are bespoke.

Partner Of Choice.

We want our training solutions to be your training solutions. That's why we'll never be too big or too busy to listen to your needs. Our aim is to offer you a high quality, personal and responsive service that exceeds your expectations. And we hope that this will lead you to select us as your training partner of choice.


Too often organisations spend all of their training budgets and are still unable to determine whether individual employees have acquired the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to ensure training compliance. That's why we use digital technologies to provide cost effective training solutions that make training record keeping effortless.

Digital Media.

Video, elearning courses, ebooks, databases, social media, webpages, digital audio, the humble pdf document and any other media that can be created, stored and used on a computer. We use them all to produce engaging, active, trackable and cost effective training solutions, so that your training provision can join the rest of your business activities at the forefront of the digital age.

Managing the provision of traditional classroom training requires a substantial investment in both time and money. Digital technologies offer exciting opportunities to change this, freeing organisations from the need to release employees for training and then chase a paper trail to ensure their training records are up to date. Ellemes was established to exploit these technologies and provide first class training that also significantly reduces the time and cost burden imposed by the need for organisations to demonstrate training compliance. - Karen Roberts, Founder, Ellemes


At Ellemes we believe that small is best in meeting our aim to offer clients an unrivalled personal service. As soon as you become an Ellemes client, you can rest assured that we will focus on your training needs as if they were our own. Our small core team has over twenty years experience in providing training, learning and development solutions within business, education and industry. To supplement this experience we draw upon a carefully selected pool of freelance specialists as necessary for each project we complete. And our founders include a psychologist with experience in educational research, and an engineer who is also a digital media specialist. So you know your training project will be in safe hands.



On the basis of your requirements, current legislation, best practice and our own research and expertise, we design and produce complete training packages in a digital environment. We can provide a single training course or a complete programme of blended learning courses in your chosen digital media.


We offer a complete training video production service, from scripting, through filming to final editing and enhancing. We have particular expertise in health and safety, induction, technical and compliance video training and are well placed to create successful training programmes in these areas from your brief.


We use a variety of scripting platforms to create effective elearning courses that will integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS). We have particular expertise in combining video with other modern forms of instruction to produce courses suitable for employees working in any part of your organisation.


We own an extensive catalogue of training material that we can rapidly adapt to provide you with high quality training material to populate your LMS. This includes video based material which can be branded to reflect your organisation. We are also happy to help you modify, convert or brand your existing digital training materials so that they can be added to your LMS.


If you are thinking of setting up a Learning Managment System (LMS) for the first time, we can help you to choose, acquire and set up a world leading platform that will permanently replace your paper records. You will be able to track training compliance for individual employees, automatically issue notices to employees who require new or refresher training and award certificates on training completion.


We provide a consultancy service aimed at helping you make the best use of digital technologies to improve training design, delivery and record keeping within your organisation. Our areas of expertise include instructional design for digital media, video based training, elearning, choosing an LMS, selecting an LMS provider and setting up an LMS.

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